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Bama scored first with field goals of 49 and 34 yards from Leigh Tiffin to take an early 6–0 lead. [34] The Hokies responded with a 98-yard Dyrell Roberts kickoff return for a touchdown to give Tech a 7–6 lead. [34] Following the recovery of a Ryan Williams fumble by Brian Selman deep in Hokie territory, the Tide retook the lead 9–7 on a 32-yard Tiffin field goal. [34] Early in the second quarter, Antoine Hopkins intercepted a Greg McElroy pass. On the ensuing possession, Tech led 10–9 after a successful 28-yard Matt Waldron field goal. [34] Alabama responded by driving 76 yards for a touchdown and a 16–10 lead, with the big plays coming on a 14-yard run by Mark Ingram, passes of 16 and 10 yards from McElroy to Julio Jones and the score coming on a 19-yard Roy Upchurch run. [37] On the next Virginia Tech possession, three personal fouls and a pass interference penalty carried the Hokies downfield with Williams scoring on a one-yard touchdown run. [37] The score remained 17–16 at the half after Tiffin missed a 36-yard field goal at the end of the second quarter. [37]

This is not an argument of what is right or wrong, it’s an issue of what is permitted and what isn’t. Saban stays within the rules and uses his creativity to find ways to make his club more competitive. College football in a business it’s not like college lacrosse or field hockey….if the NCAA doesn’t like it make a new rule….the creative guys will find other ways to work within the rules to be as competitive as possible. I am not an Alabama guy, just someone that is tired of the all the whining from the folks who want to legislate everything. If you want to stop stuff like this stop making colleges rich when they win.

Alabama players using steroids

alabama players using steroids


alabama players using steroidsalabama players using steroidsalabama players using steroidsalabama players using steroidsalabama players using steroids