Androgens and anabolic agents vida

The immediate effects of AAS in the brain are mediated by their binding to androgen (male sex hormone) and estrogen (female sex hormone) receptors on the surface of a cell. This AAS–receptor complex can then shuttle into the cell nucleus to influence patterns of gene expression. Because of this, the acute effects of AAS in the brain are substantially different from those of other drugs of abuse. The most important difference is that AAS are not euphorigenic, meaning they do not trigger rapid increases in the neurotransmitter dopamine , which is responsible for the “high” that often drives substance abuse behaviors. However, long-term use of AAS can eventually have an impact on some of the same brain pathways and chemicals—such as dopamine, serotonin, and opioid systems—that are affected by other drugs of abuse. Considering the combined effect of their complex direct and indirect actions, it is not surprising that AAS can affect mood and behavior in significant ways.

Androgen Supplement Androgens are male hormones produced by the testicles and, in small amounts, by the adrenal glands. By the age of 30, the male body can begin to experience a drop in hormone levels called Andropause (similar to the female menopause). Signs of low testosterone include: loss of libido or impotence, decreased energy and stamina, mood swings, muscular weakness, etc. Many man past their 20's people decide to use an androgen supplement to help them defy aging, balance their testosterone and androgen production. Many athletes and bodybuilders also use androgen supplements to help them increase muscle size and strength. A natural androgen supplement costs much less than prescription testosterone, and the risks are minimal compared to the injected steroid version. Herbal androgen supplements can help you maintain good health and fitness, regain vitality, lower bodyfat, increase muscle mass and strength, increased sexual prowess, etc.! Natural Herbal Androgen Supplement
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It was decades later that the secret behind this spectacular success became known.  The East German Sports Federation had, with the help of the Stasi, used Performance Enhancing Drugs or PEDs to ensure that their athletes gained international recognition by winning the Olympic events. This systematic plan had been initiated in 1974 as a means to guarantee international glory through the achievement of gold medals at the prestigious sporting event. Oral- Turinabol , a testosterone derivative was used extensively to improve muscle mass and cut down recovery time. This allowed the German athletes to train harder and longer than other world athletes. 

Androgens and anabolic agents vida

androgens and anabolic agents vida


androgens and anabolic agents vidaandrogens and anabolic agents vidaandrogens and anabolic agents vidaandrogens and anabolic agents vidaandrogens and anabolic agents vida