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I think Vanity Unfair is a perfect pseudonym. No, of course these aircraft you list don’t perform virtually noiselessly with a hum at extremely slow speeds nor can any of them turn on their own axis as Steve Mccarron points out below and nor can humans withstand such massive positive or negative G-Forces with impossible turns other than on standard aircraft which is what all of these are. It’s so annoying when people post and don’t research other than give names of planes that simply can’t perform the way the flying triangles do, especially if you’ve never seen one and it’s obvious he/she hasn’t otherwise they wouldn’t have posted a list of aeroplanes. Most people know about the Avro Car (round disc) and Delta formation aeroplanes from the 30’s and 40’s and the Nazi Horton Ho 229 (or Gotha 229 triangular-early Stealth shaped) aeroplane produced in secret but can’t give an explanation as to the flying triangles which incidentally have a pulsing red light in the middle. The Vulcan for example is extremely loud, doesn’t have a pulsing red light in the middle and can’t perform any manoeuvres such as low speed and low height flying almost silently.

Later in his Hilton Hotel suite, Quaid met with Rekall spokesman Dr. Edgemar (Roy Brocksmith), who observed that Quaid was in the middle of his dream vacation: "You're not here and neither am I." He told Quaid he was monitoring him while he was strapped into an implant chair (reminding him "You paid to be a secret agent"). At that moment, Edgemar claimed that he had been "artificially implanted as an emergency measure" to talk Quaid down and return him to "reality," since Quaid was suffering from a schizoid embolism, and was trapped in a fantasy world. He forecast the remainder of the film (and Quaid's experiences) with his statements, when Quaid threatened to kill him:

Blue triangle pill steroid

blue triangle pill steroid


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