China raw steroid powder

Yes Zane you are correct. My apologizes for that replay. Not all that come from China is bad. But I have now uses Pine Pollen from Surthtrival because your sending costs are to high to deliver it to Belgium (+-25euro with DHL I must pay with the import duties +-25euro=50euro. Can you not see if you can do something about that high shipping cost please? I order regularly from the USA and I pay -12 dollars for getting it here. Why 25 dollars here? Can you not see for other options please? )… and the first time I take it I feel it working but then al the days after when I take it for fitness I feel nothing. But since I’m on it I feel more balanced trough the day but for fitness it does not work. So I’m guessing that people do not feel it is that they are good balanced from themselves and then they feel it not so much and also I do not need it to take it every day to be more balanced. 3-4 times/week 5gr Pine Pollen with honey and some raw milk is all I need here. Now I’m searching for the right herb to take for fitness…

When Palermo was arrested on on September 9, 2015, investigators seized approximately 600 empyt glass vials; approximately 250 vials of injectable steroids ; grams of raw steroid powder; over 6,000 steroids tablets; 61 vials of suspected hGH ; about 2000 syringes;  glass beakers; hot plate; a digital scale; a five gallon jug of cottonseed oil; labels bearing the Genesis Pharmaceuticals name; more than 2000 tablets from the class of drugs known as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs); 1,000 tadalafil tablets ( Cialis ); and approximately $9000 in cash.

China raw steroid powder

china raw steroid powder


china raw steroid powderchina raw steroid powderchina raw steroid powderchina raw steroid powderchina raw steroid powder