Extreme muscle gain steroids

I just stumbled upon your articles and find them to be highly informative and backed by good science. I was sick for about 4 years, and before that I was in amazing shape. I gained a lot of weight and somehow I am still strong; 250lbs hand grippers, I am 220 and I can still do 10 pull ups and curl 100lbs twice with perfect form on all exercises executes.
I keeps develop extreme muscle tension, and fatigue – do you have any suggestions? Also, do you have any overall advice for me in my venture to get my body back? Thank you for your advice!

I can certainly relate to what Borge said about training legs to failure being painful and potentially unsafe. I've been doing Myo reps for a while now and love the results, but I ended up doing 3 regular sets for squats because it seems like the best balance between progress, safety and pain for that lift. I believe that's actually his recommendation for squats and deadlifts anyway.

Also, Martin, I noticed your comment on that t-nation Dave Tate article. Obvious why you took issue with some of his suggestions, but I wondered where you fall on surplus recommendations? He mentioned 600-1000 and I've seen it suggested that 500 is enough for max growth in a natural. Is there any truth to the 500 number, assuming protein is adequate for max growth?

Chad, I have been doing it all wrong for awhile, doing the traditional split with a lot of volume. I used to do this for an example:
5 sets of4-6 reps bench
4 sets of 4-6 reps incline bench
4 sets of machine 4-6 reps chest flyes
4 sets dips of dips to failure
I’ve been doing this for all my muscle groups for awhile and have done and liked full body workouts in the past.
My question: Can i switch to full body workouts similar to the one you outlined here? Will it still work even though my body is used to lots of volume in a body builders type of workout? Tell me how i can switch over to this full body program please.

Extreme muscle gain steroids

extreme muscle gain steroids


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