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This data was collected primarily throughout the month of December 2016. We tallied each individual’s score, then arranged the list from highest to lowest and used our qualitative judgment (. the Greatist editorial staff had a good old-fashioned debate) to fill in the gaps. We purposefully excluded most health care executives, professional athletes, and spiritual leaders, unless we felt they strongly contributed to health, fitness, or mental health. If you think anyone is missing, please reach out to us on Twitter , Facebook , or Instagram .

Yes any girl "could" kick my ass because I am a man and I don't hit girls. I do hit the gym about 4 times a week, and it's not there size that scares me. It's the fact that these huge woman have so much testosterone pumping through them that if I dated one of them (which I surely could) they would be 100x more likely to not be lady like and punch me in the face. Plus it just looks gross and I bet they have deep voices. If you think these ladies are attractive, then you are probably gay because most of them (minus there faces) look like men.

BIKINI CHICKS ON GEAR... No one is talking about it, but 90% are at it - so F*^k it I will! Just wrapped up a quality podcast with Victoria Felkar discussing the growing use of anabolics in female gym goers. A very informative listen for competitors, fitness buffs and prep coaches. Victoria has a wealth of academic knowledge on female health and is currently doing her doctorate on the subject of performance enhancing drug use in females. We covered a tonne of cool stuff. - How drug use has changed over time? Drugs, dosing, availability? - Implications (Physiological/Psychological) Examples of modern day use - Highlighting poor coaching practice - case studies/horror story examples - Use Vs. Abuse - Growing pressure of making a decision - Loss of menstruation - And so much more

Fitness girl steroids

fitness girl steroids


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