Harmful effects of steroids

There are various medical uses for iron and iron oxide, as both are naturally occurring and essential to the human body. However, recent research by UC San Diego has suggested that iron oxides used commonly in medical treatments might cause toxicity in some cell types when paired with specially developed coatings intended to bind the iron oxide particles to particular cell types, like cancerous cells. In a paper published by Biomaterials, senior author Sungho Jin suggested that while neither the iron oxide or the coatings were individually harmful, in combination they caused unexpected reactions in the cells they bind to.

Hi there. After reading several of the views opinions I thought of adding my 2 cents to the above. Well, while i was working in USA, i used to drink Coke a lot, especially when i had to forgo food for long periods. I used to feel tired and a can of coke would do the magic. It would immediately rejuvenate me. It soon ended up with me having 5-8 cans per day and 10-15 cans over the weekend along with couple of bags of chips from Sam’s was over weight by 60 pounds and honestly felt fantastic. ….. till i did the blood works – borderline diabetes, higher cholesterol, Triglycerides etc. Well, that was a wake-up call. I stopped taking all “soda” drinks, stuck to drinking water, controlled my cravings and today, (10 yrs later) i’m a healthy person. I have not touched Coke or any other soda drinks for over 10 years. I surprised myself and feel good about it. My blood-works are normal.

Daily users of benzodiazepines are also at a higher risk of experiencing psychotic symptomatology such as delusions and hallucinations . [46] A study found that of 42 patients treated with alprazolam, up to a third of long-term users of the benzodiazepine drug alprazolam ( Xanax ) develop depression . [47] Studies have shown that long-term use of benzodiazepines and the benzodiazepine receptor agonist nonbenzodiazepine Z drugs are associated with causing depression as well as a markedly raised suicide risk and an overall increased mortality risk. [48] [49]

Harmful effects of steroids

harmful effects of steroids


harmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroids