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So when the new inspector (a nicely rational Francesca Roberts) shows up (the old guy was too lenient), the ensuing sequence is a virtuoso symphony of performance and direction (by series regular Matt Shakman) that tracks Charlie as he feverishly but masterfully shepherds both the no-nonsense inspector and the rest of the Gang through his lunatic but effective plan to accomplish both goals simultaneously. Charlie Day’s ability to let Charlie’s demons peep through his excitable dialogue is one of Sunny ’s chief assets, and Day’s performance here is pure exhilaration as he wrangles: crates of chickens, 4000 steaks, a clogged toilet, a disabled carbon monoxide detector, a hungry and confused truck driver, a repeatedly blown fuse, a painted Frank blowing a recorder, Mac grunting and apologizing at just the right time, and two separate carjackings to make everything turn out all right. (And the way he inexplicably keeps slamming a barstool on the floor throughout pays off perfectly to punctuate the ending.)

The brothers then try their hand on entrepreneurship and invested in a video renting store, which they believe to be an emerging market. When Dennis and Mac drop by to rent a movie, they vehemently deny them service as they hold them responsible for the loss of Liam's eye. This form of leverage gets them invited to the gang's Thanksgiving Party which was a well meaning but poorly executed attempt to "squash their beef" with the people they have hurt. The brothers agree to attend expecting to get an eye, or at the very least an apology. But instead, they were locked in the apartment with the other attendees during a food fight, while unbeknownst to them, a fire had started in Mac's room.

Creator Rob McElhenney said that Live Nation originally approached the cast about doing the show at 30 cities, but in the end the cast settled on 6. [33] Co-developer Glenn Howerton described the show as "essentially an expanded version of the actual episode of "The Nightman Cometh", which was the final episode for season four. There are some added moments, added scenes, added songs, and extended versions of songs that already existed." [34] Two new songs were included in the performance and a longer running time allowed for greater improvisation by the actors. The performance was also preceded by a preview screening of a season five episode.

It's always sunny charlie steroids

it's always sunny charlie steroids


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