Pro anabolic kit rde pct

Pack on Up to 15 Pounds of Lean, Dry and Hard Mass in one 30-day cycle
Shatter lifting Plateaus with Unthinkable Strength Gains in the Gym
Experience the Euphoria and Aggression while Weight Training
New RDe™ Delivery Deals 30% More Target Hormone
The Only True Mass Building Supplement Kit on the Market
100% Safe and Legal
Non-Liver Toxic
Kit includes a month-long supply of Decavol RDe™, 4-AD RDe™ and our multi-ingredient PCT – Arom-X RDe™
Plus an easy-to-dose Stacking Chart
What does the AMS Pro Anabolic Kit RDe Includes:
1 4-AD RDe Chrome
1 Arom-X RDe Chrome
1 DecaVOL RDe Chrome

If that weren’t enough, the new effervescent (e) matrix that completes the RDe ™ delivery formula ensures an additional 30% bioavailability of the active hormone for a near perfect 99% use of the active compound – the most efficient oral prohormone ever introduced to the market.

Where did the effervescent delivery matrix idea come from anyway
Honestly – we stumbled upon our new bioavailability-enhancing absorption technology when we formulated Pump Fixx’s™ Energy Flare technology™ – an effervescent matrix used to help agitate and then self stir our preworkout powder launched two years ago. The exact ingredients we used in Pump Fixx™ showed up in a big pharma study early this year conclusively proving stimulant and steroidal structures have a 30% increase in bioavailability when combined with specific effervescent formulas.

Pro anabolic kit rde pct

pro anabolic kit rde pct


pro anabolic kit rde pctpro anabolic kit rde pct