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I really loved this article. Bookmarked!

I think that while it's very sad to see track like this, especially with such a minimal documentation existing about it, in the same time it has that interesting mystic feel to it. Having only the knowledge that there have been races many many decades ago, it feels different kind of good imo.

I'm also very interested in these old, dead tracks, one of the reasons being what I said above. In my opinion the tracks themselves are equally as important as the drivers and cars.

Definitely going to spend lot of time around Sudschleife, whenever I finally get around to visiting Nurburgring!

Personally, I’m as critical of the physios as I am of the chiropractors and my own profession of osteopathy. The last seminar I went to had a sports physician who was so full of absolute rubbish it make me want to be sick. And don’t get me started on the ortho surgeons in a local hospital who are still doing knee debridements on older men with ‘grumbly knees’. What I find particularly distasteful about that is the surgeons have a particularly high level of authority, and therefore influence, over their patients.

Rock on steroids 2013

rock on steroids 2013


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