Staffy on steroids

you are ridiculous. you fear them because it can kill a grown man. so can Rotties, shepherds, malamutes and btw the chow is far more vicious then a pit bull look it up. there are plenty of big muscular dogs out there that can kill a grown man. but so do people, people kill people every day, but its just like the humans to pick on something that is smaller than them. they were not always aggressive animals get this HUMANS MADE THEM FEAR THEM. so why take it out on the dog. and if you want me to be brutally honest yes I feel for any person who has lost a child to an attack but my way of thinking is why did the child get attacked to began with? the parent was not paying attention to what the child was doing or its surroundings because I will tell you this if my child was in danger of getting attacked I would have been there to stop it, I would have made the dog attack me instead, so don’t blame the animal all the way a lot of the attacks are people trying to run away and that makes the dog attack, fear and screaming makes the dog attack because they are scared themselves. but our reaction most of the time is why we get attacked. I have walked up to a pit bull that was backed into a corner with people all around it ready to club it to death, and I made them all get back while I squatted down and without looking the dog in the eyes talked to it. yes, it was growling and barking and showing his teeth, but I sat there in one spot and talked about it until the growling stopped. he felt intimidated with all the people yelling and screaming and holding objects he had probably been hit with in the past so the fight or flight system kicked in. he wasn’t a killer he was petrified. I sat there with this dog for probably around six hours before he came to me and let me take his collar.. people were telling me I was crazy and that I was going to get killer because that dog probably weighed a good 100 lbs but solid muscles. I couldn’t keep the guy but i did take him to my friend pit bull rescue mission and she liked him so much and he was such a good dog she kept him for her self. his name is spike now he weighs about 110 lbs now and has a loving home and has never showed that kind of behavior again. see its the people who do cause the problem and make these animals act like that . if three or four people chased you into an alley and they were holding sticks and pipes what would you act like. just saying.

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Staffy on steroids

staffy on steroids


staffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroids