Steroid inhaler pregnancy

Patients should be instructed to record the date of pouch opening on the cap label, and discard the inhaler 45 days after opening the foil pouch or when the dose counter reads "00," whichever comes first. The inhaler should be held upright while removing the cap. The medication should be taken as directed, breathing rapidly and deeply, and patients should not breathe out through the inhaler. The mouthpiece should be wiped dry and the cap replaced immediately following each inhalation, rotated fully until the click is heard. Rinsing of mouth after inhalation is advised. Patients should store the unit as instructed. The digital dose counter displays the doses remaining. When the counter indicates zero, the cap will lock and the unit must be discarded. Patients should be advised that if the dose counter is not working correctly, the unit should not be used and it should be brought to their physician or pharmacist.

Your Nasacort ® Nasal Inhaler should be cleaned weekly. Remove the white protective cap from nasal inhaler. Remove the canister from the nasal inhaler. Clean the nasal inhaler thoroughly in lukewarm water. The use of soap, detergent, or disinfectant is not necessary. Allow the inhaler to dry completely. Gently center and insert the canister with the plastic stem downward into the small hole at the bottom of the nasal inhaler. Replace the white protective cap on nasal inhaler. The canister should be discarded after 100 actuations. The canister and nose piece are designed to be used together. Never use this canister or nose piece with those from any other product.

Steroid inhaler pregnancy

steroid inhaler pregnancy


steroid inhaler pregnancysteroid inhaler pregnancysteroid inhaler pregnancysteroid inhaler pregnancysteroid inhaler pregnancy