Steroid shot for sinus infections

Virus anywhere in the upper respiratory tract can affect you sense of smell: the olfactory sensory nerves are very sensitive. Saline nasal rinses are unlikely the cause of “spreading virus from your ear to your olfactory area,” but I suppose it’s possible. I have occasionally seen patients (or in my own personal experience) where a sinus infection seems to spread to an ear infection. That MAY have been related to saline rinse moving through an infected area (nasal passages) into the throat (where Eustachian tubes travel to the middle ear), but again: that ‘spread’ of infection may have occurred even if saline rinses were not being done.

Thank you for responding. About neti pots, my wife thinks that using one (squeeze bottle type) four years ago CAUSED my left inner ear issues. I don’t necessarily agree, I think my issues started before I started using one, but is it possible that the solution could get in there? I’m tempted to try the Sinupulse, but am not sure if I should.
Also, my general doctor mentioned that I could get a tube inserted into my left ear (as is done with kids who get a lot of ear infections), which is I guess not a big deal, to possibly drain out any fluid. What is your opinion of this?
Yesterday I had a “double vision” episode (something different from an aura) which lasted maybe five minutes, and somewhat freaked me out. Soon thereafter I had the fullness in the left ear and some intermittent sharp pain behind the left eye area. Sinus or migraine related? Is some optic nerve getting pushed by pressure? Could the sinus issues trigger the migraine issues and anxiety?
Sorry I have so many questions, just still trying to get to the bottom of this! I will try the diet & detox today, are all the items you mentioned at a health food store? Last thing: what is ACV? Thanks, MAC

When you test positive on an IgG Delayed Mold Reaction Blood Test your treatment requires a different approach as it cannot be handled with antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, decongestants, allergy shots or antihistamines for anything other than short term relief. Many doctors use Prednisone (a steroid shot) to give temporary. [Be wary of long term steroid use since there are numerous severe side effects such as diabetes, cataracts and osteoporosis to name a few.] If you really want long term relief it requires the removal of the ’cause’, which is mold, from both your body and the air you breathe.

Steroid shot for sinus infections

steroid shot for sinus infections


steroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infections