Steroid shots keloid scars

Hey peeps, i m totally glad that i can open up with my HS with pimples or what they call it under my arm with you because i think that you can totally understand what i say and how i feel. I m diagnosed with stage 2 HS for 4 years till now and i had a 1 year total remission in between, it came worse this time cause it used to appear in only one arm now came in both, i used numerous kinds of antibiotics for months and months with no remission , i also did laser treatment under my arm but it always came back. My doctor suggested Humera 3 weeks ago and i really did start it and have been since on these injections, my right arm has 90% been treated and my left is 50% cause it was worse in first place. I think it is a really good option for recurrent cases. YOU MUST GIVE IT A SHOT! Now i would desperately like to ask you 2 questions, first for people who are in complete remission now, for how long will i take it as i live in Egypt and this drug is so expensive in here, i scare i can't afford it for too long; second have you had any common SEs on you like these serious SEs i read about or is it safe on long term. I really hope you read this and answer me and thank you so much.

Lastly I tried Apple Cider Vinegar (organic with the mother). I soaked a cotton ball with the ACV and held it against the scar for about an hour. I was unable to tape the cotton ball to my ear because of the awkward location so I just held it there. Some people have said they had normal skin 'burn' from the ACV but this didn't happen to me. I merely held the cotton ball against the scar. I noticed after a day or 2 the scar started turning a little bit white and opened up a little. Once the scar opened up I could only hold a cotton ball on it for 15-20 minutes at a time because it stung. The stinging was tolerable though and it felt more like it was healing the scar. After another day or two a scab formed. I'm a scab picker so I couldnt resist pulling the scab off. This was a little bit painful as it felt like it was also ripping part of the scar tissue off.

Steroid shots keloid scars

steroid shots keloid scars


steroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scars