Steroid use hall of fame

By being on the ballot, PED users take votes away from clean players. Nothing can prove this more than what happened this year. 3,000-hit man Craig Biggio missed the Hall of Fame this year by two votes while steroid users Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, and Rafael Palmeiro received a combined 529 votes. There is absolutely no doubt that if one of these users had been left off the ballot for PED use, then Craig Biggio would be up there on the podium this summer with his fellow inductees entering the Hall of Fame. But as we know, that will not be the case. With that said, it’s just a shame what the steroid era has done to baseball and how we allow it to continue to cut down those great ballplayers who played baseball with their true talents.

While some react to corticosteroids with psychosis, severe mood swings, and/or other psychiatric symptoms, others have a heightened sense of well-being and energy accompanied by dramatically reduced sleep, and need for sleep, without the other psychiatric symptoms you named. I was prescribed them a few times over the years and had just that reaction. It was slightly disappointing when the treatment was over and I had to return to sleeping 8 hours a night instead of the 2 hours a night I needed on the corticosteroids. I had stayed up all night reading and writing, and I’ve never read so many books in my life, and in such a short period of time!! While corticosteroids can obviously cause unwanted weight gain, (and other nasty side effects, as you know) this was tempered by the fact that I was running 5-10 miles every night!!

Steroid use hall of fame

steroid use hall of fame


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