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Just curious why you wrote half a book on all the regions of the United States, but only 2 sentences on Northeast? Was your writing hand cramping up? did you not even bother actually researching the area? Your quick answer was “New Hampshire”.. but then dismissed it as its quickly turning Liberal. You throw a ( oh–btw ) in for northern Maine… but no actual points about it. Sad… because had you actually done a little research on northern Maine you would of found that part of the state ranks up by the top for living off grid. Its basically an undeveloped area with virtually no restrictions or laws prohibiting living off grid. In fact.. its almost common-place to live off grid up north as the population is very very low per square mile. Unlike down South, or the far Western States.. Maine offers 4 seasons for growing, harvesting, raising,and hunting everything you need to survive. Maybe next time you wont be so quick to dismiss a whole section of the United States with just 2 sentences.

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I didn’t read most of this thread, but crucial to an item being seen (then sold) is the “sell thru rate” (STR) which is NOT a monthly ratio of sold items to listings. Instead, STR is the ratio of clicks to sales. Soooo, if you only listed 100 items on the 1st and they all sold by the 30th, this is NOT 100% STR as most think. Nope, not in voodoo ebay world! Instead, STR will SOLELY depend on clicks…such that if it took a TOTAL of 1000 clicks to sell all 100 items, you’re STR=10%. It’s as if ebay can’t afford server time/space and only cares about surefire sales. This why some sellers with HIGHER prices sell MORE than sellers with lower prices…ebay simply hides the lower priced listings if they haven’t sold “fast enough”. Let’s face it, these computer algos are voodoo, not the AI that their nerd herd brag they are…

Steroids off ebay

steroids off ebay


steroids off ebaysteroids off ebaysteroids off ebaysteroids off ebaysteroids off ebay