Testicular atrophy steroids reversible

The occluding junctions of Sertoli cells form the blood-testis barrier , a structure that partitions the interstitial blood compartment of the testis from the adluminal compartment of the seminiferous tubules. Because of the apical progression of the spermatogonia (sperm stem cells), the occluding junctions must be dynamically reformed and broken to allow the immunoidentical spermatogonia to cross through the blood-testis barrier so they can become immunologically unique. Sertoli cells control the entry and exit of nutrients , hormones and other chemicals into the tubules of the testis as well as make the adluminal compartment an immune-privileged site.

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Management . The etiology of epididymitis is often an ascending infection, secondary to reflux up the vas from the prostatic urethra, with resulting infection of the epididymis. In prepubertal boys and in men over the age of 35, bacterial urinary tract infection is a frequent cause of epididymitis, while in postpubertal patients under 35 years of age, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis are common causes. 2 For this reason, urethral Gram's stain and culture should be obtained in order to direct treatment, and the patient's sexual partners should be treated if a sexually transmitted organism is identified.

Testicular atrophy steroids reversible

testicular atrophy steroids reversible


testicular atrophy steroids reversibletesticular atrophy steroids reversibletesticular atrophy steroids reversibletesticular atrophy steroids reversibletesticular atrophy steroids reversible